by DIY Rentals

Wax Hand Events are Fun for all ages.... it's a hands on experience like no other. DIY Rentals will bring everything you need except the guest. We will just require a 10x10 area and one outlet. Then let the fun begin!
When we leave the only thing left behind will be the smiles, the memories and the souveniers. No mess for you to clean up!
The cost of DIY Rentals Wax Hands events vary according to the lenght of party, the guest count and the travel time to get to your venue. We can staff it with up to 4 people. Each person can make 20-25 hands per hour. Our minimum event would consist of four hours with one employee. We look forard to hearing from you!!

Wax Hands by DIY is an awesome activity for any party or event. Our wax is safe enough for all ages. This is a specially designed wax for making a molds of hands. It is done in just 3 easy steps.
  1. Decide what hand sign you want to make: Peace sign, Number One, Rocker, I Luv U, etc.
  2. We dip your hand in cool water then wax and then cool water. We repeat the process a few more dips and make the mold. Choose your color
  3. We then remove the mold carefully from your hand. Your hand is ready to keep forever.
We are happy to travel for Events....Click Here for a quote